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Nah, if we do anything with LLMs I suspect it would take the form of a built-in offline LLM being used to offer summaries of longer dictionary entries / wiki articles, or perform some useful function related to document segmentation / annotation.

The last thing I want to do is get in on some whackadoodle Chatbot Language Learning Land Rush; I've consistently adopted the philosophy that there's no point going to the trouble to do something in Pleco unless it meaningfully benefits from being in Pleco, and I don't see how that would. Let a dozen YC-backed startups duke that one out to their mutual destruction while I continue quietly humming along making excellent dictionary apps (and perhaps even receive inbound links from some of those startups, because nobody's interested in starting a war over dictionary apps).

The slides didn't really offer any new information beyond what I've already posted here and on Twitter - there's nothing at all in them about flashcards - plus they're already a week out of date (had to submit them last week), so I'd rather not make them public and then have people emailing me 5 years from now asking why 4.0 differs in some small way from this slideshow that is for some inscrutable reason their first entry point into Pleco. (this is, oddly enough, a very common type of problem when you have an app as old as ours)