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Would including erhua information in Mandarin dictionaries be useful for you?

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  1. Although Pleco does add erhua (i.e. adding the rhotic coda or 'r' sound to the ends of some characters as indicated by a trailing 儿 character) to some entries and includes it in some example phrases and sentences, support for erhua in Pleco is scant. I bought the Xiandai Hanyu Da Cidian add-on and expected it to indicate erhua at the definition (sub-entry) level, perhaps that's because my paper copy of Xiandai Hanyu Cidian has this. I'm not sure if the Da Cidian paper copy is different.

    Here's generally what I would like to see. Take for example the character 串 chuàn. The first definition is for the verb "string together". But there is also the definition of this character that is a measure word for "a string of things". Erhua can be added to this measure word, so this definition entry would indicate that with something like “(~儿)” at the beginning of the definition.

    If the Xiandai Hanyu Da Cidian doesn't provide this information, I'd still like to see either the Pleco C-E or another add-on dictionary provide this useful information.
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    Not something Xiandai Hanyu Dacidian does, no - two completely different titles, despite the similar names. (common problem in the world of Chinese dictionaries, sadly :)

    The new edition of PLC we're working on actually does do this - seems to be in about 40 entries - but they don't seem to include it for 串.

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