Dict slider won't honor screen width

Hello Mike,

this problem is probably a known problem, but under Android, the dictionary abbreviations in the Dict slider aren't stacked on top of one another like in iOS to fit the width of the screen. Instead, they are regularly spaced apart, so that dictionaries that run past the border of the screen are inaccessible. Turning the smartphone to landscape will show more of them, but still not all dictionaries. Could this be because Pleco has no way of recognizing the screen width under Android? (which is possible, though unlikely)


This is on a OnePlus 3T running Android 8.0.0.

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Nothing like that, it's just that on iOS we use a nice well-tested open-source slider bar control for this, while on Android none seemed to exist (perhaps because bars like this are more of an iOS thing) so we hacked together something ourselves that doesn't have quite as many features. Can look into fixing this in a future update, thanks.
Thanks for the explanation, and for the link! Too bad that it's nearly impossible to port over to Android, because it's so tightly interwoven with iOS, of course.


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Well we could port over most of the same logic - UI controls on both platforms are written pretty similarly - it's just a question of where we focus our efforts :)