Dictionary updates



I have a question about when dictionaries are updated. The ABC Cantonese dictionary information page tells us it's a brand new dictionary and therefore bound to have errors. At the same time it hasn't been updated in years. I also wonder about the KEY Dictionary, which was updated in 2018. It's a very obscure (but also very good) dictionary, so information is not always easy to come by, but it seems to have been updated with several thousands more entries since then. Can we expect these dictionaries (and others) to be updated or do the deals/co-operations you have with the publishers not work that way?

Edit: I haven't really gotten used to having an iPhone, so I posted it here. Perhaps it should even have been in Future products? Hm... Apologies.


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We do have the rights to update both of those, KEY actually hasn't added very many entries AFAIK; progress on that has mostly stalled the last few years.

With ABC Cantonese, they kindly supplied us with the new data, but it's a big enough formatting difference from the old data that we pretty much have to re-do the whole conversion anyway, and we're leaning towards waiting and releasing it with 4.0 rather than going through that process twice.