Double slash in pinyin

I’m wondering what the double slash signifies in the pinyin line chi//fan (and others like it) It looks like it indicates two character compounds in between which on can insert other characters. Is there an option to toggle this, or replace // with something else? It’s a useful feature but at the same time a bit jarring, visually.


Staff member
Yep, that's exactly what it is. There's no option to remove it at the moment but we'll most likely add one since a lot of people seem to be bothered by it.
I really do like that it's there. It's information I'm happy have Pleco present to me. And just another way Pleco is so much more useful than print dictionaries. I just wonder if there might be a slightly more subtle way to represent it, visually, such as a little dot? Closer to "chi∘fan" or "chi⋅fan"?


Why doesn‘t it appear on my iOS Pleco 3.2.28? I couldn‘t find any related setting.


Oh yes, that was it. With PLC as the first dictionary, I can see them, too.

I think it would be great if it would display the // marks for all dictionaries as the first dictionary if they are present in the PLC dictionary, but I can see it might be a bit tricky to implement without introducing new sources of error.

Thanks, Shun