E Book Reader jumping

I am enjoying reading the Graded Readers. They are just what I was looking for-- I wish there were more!

I have a technical problem. I keep losing my place in the text. Sometimes when I try to go to the next page, I jump to the next story instead. This happens every day, at least once. I am now bookmarking all the time, but is a reason this is happening? Can I avoid it?


Staff member
@Jonathan - what brand / model of Android device are you on? Any chance this might relate to the position on the page that you're swiping from? Does it recover your place if you swipe back to the previous page?

(lots more graded reading content coming shortly...)
I have tried it on my Xiaomi phone, Huawei phone, Lenovo tablet and a Google tablet, all with the same results.

It may well relate to to the position on the page. I thought it did not swipe back to the previous page, but I will try.

Keep the Graded Readers coming :)


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OK - maybe try swiping near the very bottom or top of the screen? Could be some sort of issue with the tap areas for the two different scroll views that are operating in that screen not quite overlapping perfectly.