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    An English-Chinese Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in the Learning and Teaching of Music

    Arts Education Section
    Curriculum Development Institute
    Education Bureau
    Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

    This glossary contains 1258 entries. I took the liberty to create a pleco user dictionary of it (English-Chinese, no pinyin) and would like to share it with you. Hopefully this doesn’t infringe any copyrights.
    The original can be found here.

    Some alterations had to be made in order to ensure compatibility and usability:
    • reformatted the content for import (i.e. “EnglishTABChinese”)
    • A, B, C... Z as found in paper dictionary headings were removed
    • page numbering was removed
    • replaced all square brackets with parenthesis because I’m still working on regular expressions in vim ;-)
    • certain special characters used in music notation, like the C for common time, 4/4 meter or the symbol for segno were removed

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