Everything gone?

I just opened Pleco on my android phone, and found it in newly installed condition. All add ons were gone, all flashcards gone, everything. Reinstalling the add ons was not a problem, and I think my flashcards are pretty close to where they were (last backup was 5 days ago), but I am wondering what the heck happened? Nice that Pleco has mechanisms in place to restore this and that (though unfortunately the last time I backed up my settings was over a year ago, so there I have to start from scratch), but why did it happen at all?
All I can think of, is that I somehow managed to butt-dial going into settings, clicking "reset all" and confirming by clicking "yes." Seems pretty improbable, even if I had had settings open. Perhaps that "reset all" button should be buried a bit deeper. Any other ideas what might have happened?
Hi daal, here are some ideas: Perhaps some cleaning tool automatically removed configuration files that were critical to Pleco? Or perhaps it was a flash drive error? Or just a very rare bug?


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Some other possibilities:

1) Pleco was using an external SD card and that card got removed, so it created a new directory in internal storage instead. (in which case if you delete that one in internal storage that should hopefully get it back on SD)

2) Pleco was using an external SD card and that card's directory got corrupted / Pleco's data files vanished.

3) Either you or some third-party app store on your phone installed a Pleco update that was signed with a different code signature from the one you originally installed Pleco with, causing Android to automatically erase Pleco's data files for security reasons.
Thanks for the replies! I don't have any cleaning tools on my phone, so that isn't it. I do have an external SD card, but the Pleco files are on internal storage. As to a Pleco update, I already had the last update from April 3rd (3.2.59) and I neither initiated an update nor do I have a third party app store on my phone. That leaves flash card error, rare bug, and butt-deleting. I guess it was the latter. When in doubt, it was the user (or his butt).