Example Sentences Audio Not Working : But has a audio button.

Hello, I've had Pleco for about 8 years now and at the beginning of the year I got a new samsung tablet, exported Pleco across to the new Samsung Tablet.
I currently have Pleco 3.2.57 on the new tablet. In the Example sentences I can put in an audio button or take it out, no problem. But it has no audio for the example sentences even thou it has the volume button there. I use it it to study Chinese and like having the audio for the sentences, it worked fine on my old tablet, but once I transferred all the files across, it worked a few times and then stopped. As stated above I'm an avid user of Pleco and highly recommend it, 10 out of 10.


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Go into the Pleco Settings Screen / Audio; is Google selected as your System TTS Engine?And does sample audio from it play correctly in System TTS Settings?

You could also try installing a different TTS engine from Play and selecting that in Pleco. Or you could buy one of our paid TTS voice add-ons in “Add-ons.”