Extended flashcard customisation using text files


Hi everyone, iOS user here.

I've been writing text files to get some extended customisation features for my flashcards and can currently create folders, create flashcards, insert new lines, bold/unbold words, italic/un-italic words and change the colour of words.

I was wondering if a few other features are possible however, namely:
  1. Adding a line divider between two lines of text – I've seen these used in the Pleco dictionary to separate multiple definitions of a word
  2. Creating subfolders – I know how to do this in Pleco itself but would like to automate this within the imported text file cause I'm lazy haha :p
  3. Changing the font size
Would greatly appreciate any help, thanks!


1 and 3 I don't know but 2 should be possible by adding the subfolder after a slash, like:

// Category/Subcategory/Leaf
This means you need to specify the full tree for each nested category.
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For line breaks, we don't have a great solution but a hack that works in the current version of Pleco at least is to insert the special character U+EAB1 () in the place you want the newline to be.

Font size changes I don't believe we've ever documented here + don't plan to at this point; they work very differently depending on platform / Pleco version and because they're not hard-coded in any of our data files they can even change randomly in minor dot updates.

Long-term if you're doing a lot of custom Pleco data I'd recommend doing it in Markdown + writing a script of some kind to tidy it up for use in the current version of Pleco, as our next big update 4.0 will support Markdown for flashcard styling.

In the current 4.0 implementation - subject to change but relatively unlikely to change -we're mostly compliant with CommonMark, except that we're not supporting intended code blocks because they're stupid and not supporting inline HTML because we're not actually rendering this in a web browser (and there may be a few tweaks to how we handle newlines / soft breaks). We've added a bunch of Pandoc extensions - most importantly attribute support, so you can for example create a custom three inch tall bold green letter text style and then apply it to a span of text like [hello world]{.threegreen} - and some nifty semantic stuff to let you designate a particular portion of an entry as (say) pinyin which you'd like styled / rendered according to the user's default settings, but basically if you have some text in CommonMark and it doesn't use those two specific features it should render more-or-less verbatim in Pleco; we're not doing to do anything annoying and incompatible like treating _'s as underlines instead of italics.