Falshcards for Movies


Hi, I would like to learn/improve Chinese by watching chinese movies. For that purpose I would make a flashcard Set.For films like 大红灯笼高高挂. I would probably take the whole sentence from subtitles in chinese and english and copy it to pleco.

Does anyone know if something like that already exist?
Or does anybody want to help me or would like to do the same thing for other movies?
Any (what so ever) suggestions? (except using MyMobiler for copy & paste from Desktop PC)
When finished I will upload it.


Could someone help me to find "good" subtitles? Most english / german subtitles are not quite well... they lack on grammar and wrong translations. Even the official DVD Subtitles for the popular film Raise The Red Lanterns have that problem : (
If you have good subtitles in english or german (+ chinese subtitles) for a Movie in mandarin. I will make a flashcard file out of it.


I thought there is no way to import files from other sources than pleco to pleco flashcards :?:
I tried that a year ago and it didn´t work for me.


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Are those referring to the time in the movie or to the repetition interval?

You can certainly import categories like that in Pleco, though I'm not sure if the format is exactly the same - does Anki export a separate text file for each deck?