[Feature Request] Display BOTH JP and Yale romanizations in dictionary results.


I personally use Yale romanization to text because it is more natural for me as an English speaker (I even while writing this, I have a habit of typing "YP for instead of "JP" However I find that in many situations, JP is actually more precise in differentiating certain pronunciations compared to Yale. (I know because I can speak Cantonese and while I myself am mostly illiterate, and pleco has helped me a LOT over the past 2-3 years, many of my friends and family can read.) It would be extremely helpful to me to have the dictionary display BOTH romanization systems instead of forcing me to choose one. That way, if I'm looking up a word to say, I have the precision I need for pronounciation through JP, and if I can't get the character to show up while texting, I can look up the official romanization in Yale. Currently I have to keep switching back and forth in the settings menu. I would prefer something like mandarin where it can show both the mopomofo and the pinyin simultaneously.


Staff member
This will likely be possible via some expert settings in the future, but I don't know if we're likely to make it a core / easy-to-get-at feature since to be honest it's going to start to get really cluttered if we do - the Zhuyin is less of a problem since it's so obviously different from pinyin and so easier to make sense of visually.