Fill in the blanks with long cards


Does this type of test work with flashcards of 5 or more syllabes? With 4 seems ok, but with 5 or more it selects cards of any length


When will Pleco realize this? I’ve paid for Pleco premium on both Android and iOS and I would still gladly pay for such a feature. Perhaps this could be implemented as an add-on; if it’s taking more than 6 years to develop such a “simple” feature (Pleco’s own words from 2014 in another forum post) clearly Pleco needs some revenue stream. I’m now at intermediate level and it’s become painfully clear that studying (actually writing the characters) full sentences is much better for character and word/meaning memorization than studying isolated characters, words, or 成語’s - I‘ve studied character and word lists with Pleco for years and currently can recognize more than 3000 characters and can write them with ease when presented with familiar prompts, but I’m stuck when I find them inside an unfamiliar word or sentence. Currently, I’m studying Anki sentence lists which come with a recording - which is great for developing 聽力 , but there’s no writing input in Anki. I would like to get some estimation from Pleco so as to decide whether it’s worth investing my time developing sentence lists inside Pleco for ‘fill-in the blanks’ tests with my favorite (+4 character) sentences. If it’s still going to take years to implement this feature I’d just stick with Anki and continue investigating some other character input alternative (for now I’m using a paper notebook, so 80s). In short: could you provide some clarity on your progress with this feature? As always thanks so much for your work and for making character learning possible for normal people like me.


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We're still working on it - it's not that this specific feature is taking so long but that it's part of a big update that's taking a looong time to finish.

However, it includes a very capable Anki importer, so even if the feature were coming tomorrow I wouldn't recommend spending any time developing Pleco-specific sentence cards because once the update is ready you'll be able to easily bring in the ones you've made in Anki.