Flashcard List How-to?


Can someone point me to a discussion on how to make and export flashcard lists. If my list has words not in a Pleco dictionary can I include user definitions in an exportable file like this that will be useful to others when imported? Looking for the basics, want to start playing with this and making lists for vocab words I've run into but are not in the dictionary.

searched the flashcard forum for "how to" and got nothing. I used to do this on Pleco 1.0 and IR port share the lists with class-mates and we all loved it.



I have only custom entries in my flashcards db. To get an Excel file:
- export (all cards (or selected categories), Text File, Chinese-English, UTF-8, Charset Simp, include categories and card definitions)
- copy the exported text file to the host, open it with MS Editor, and copy everything to Excel.

Maybe I missed the problem.