Flashcard Show Dict Toolbar Request

Can I request that the arrow icons for selecting alternative pronunciation be immediately available within the show dict toolbar?
This would be far more useful as (i) the user can see if alternatives are available during the flashcard test and (ii) currently the only way of accessing the alternatives in your main dictionary is to cycle through every dictionary in order to get back to the main one again.
For example my primary dictionary is OCC and the image below shows just after testing for 发
There are no icons on the toolbar (to the left of OCC). There is therefore no indication of the existence of fa4.


I may be missing something but the only way to access the alternative pronunciation in OCC seems to be to cycle through every dictionary in order to arrive at the following.



Staff member
We can consider that in a future release - at the moment the first and second screens actually fetch their text in entirely different ways (you're initially just viewing the card - whatever it is - without the dictionary looking for other related words) so this would be tricky to do in a minor update but not so tricky in a more major one.
Okay, thanks for looking into it Mike. If it proves to be tricky for a major release, a simpler alternative would be to tap on the dict toolbar itself to bring up the arrow keys. While that wouldn't achieve (i) it would avoid (ii).
agree, and i would like to be able to select the pronunciation xxx and let that and only that one be shown (as primary) pronunciation, for that char/word, always and with/for any dictionary, in future lookups...

aaand, be able to edit in "my own" pronunciation (without having to make a user dict) since, often, none of the 20 dicts i have, get it right:-O


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Flashcards in 4.0 are also user dictionaries - there's no longer any distinction between them (additional user dictionaries are just flashcard databases with some tables missing). We've come up with some ideas for a 'dictionary overrides' feature, but since it's not core to the design it'll probably be in a 4.x update rather than 4.0; however, even in 4.0 you should be able to create a flashcard with the correct pronunciation for a word and have that come up first and therefore be used in the header.