Flashcards additional custom note

So before buying a pleco bundles I wanted to go through the app and see how much I like it. I think that it is mostly great but I have noticed one thing. We can not add notes to our flashcards? For instance, lets say that I want to add 过 to my flashcards. But I also want to write some short notes about grammatical usage. Is it possible to do so or is thar feature non-existent? If it does not exist please consider adding this simple yet crucial feature.

Not supported yet but definitely coming in 4.0.
That is great to hear. And I am glad that you take your time and always listen for user feedback. May I also ask if the update has a specific release date or maybe an approximate time? Thanks again.

Actually, you can add the notes into the flashcard itself after the definition. It won't look pretty in Pleco v3.x, but it will work.

Also, if you're really hard core, you can make a custom dictionary entry for your character and get formatting (search through the forums - there are special unicode characters that you can put into your text to make formatting and links possible)

All this will be easier under v4. And v4 will be done when it's done. (*le sigh*)