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I'm used to Anki and other SRS flashcard apps but new to Pleco (and Chinese). I have the feeling that it's limiting the amount of cards I can review per day - and I don't mean new cards just regular cards that were already there. On the card selection screen, I see an option for Points per day. What is that? What are learned cards?


From experience (also coming from Anki) - you probably have a bit lower in that selection screen “limit new cards” set to “maximum unlearned”. In this case Pleco limits the number of new AND due cards per day that are not “learned” (as in do not fulfil the criterion of “learned” just above in the same screen, and not necessarily “new” in Anki sense).

By lets you decide how this restriction is applied. “Maximum unlearned” lets you select a total number of non-“learned” cards to be active at once; once you’ve reviewed a card, even once, it’ll be part of your pool of cards to study, so if you’re already working on more than the specified number of “unlearned” cards before you enable this option, it won’t take any away, but it won’t introduce any new ones until you’ve learned enough of them to drop the un-“learned” count below the level you set. “New per day” lets you set a number of new cards to be introduced per day; it only does this on days when you study, so if you don’t review flashcards for a few days you’ll only find one day’s worth of new cards waiting for you when you pick up studying again.

Change “limit new cards” to “new per day” instead of “maximum unlearned”. I bet this is the problem you’re experiencing.

Points per day is a divisor for a single cards’s score - roughly, a card with score 700 is due again in 7 days etc. Not related to limits per day - this part is in the docs. http://iphone.pleco.com/manual/30200/flash.html#cardselection
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