Flashcards with smart swapping simplified and traditional in definition


I am trying to add labels to my custom flashcards in both traditional and simplified, but would rather only show the main one, one at a time, just like dictionary linked flashcards do, switching according to the app mode. @alex_hk90 collected a few formatting characters, but I am curious if there are any other ones available to achieve this?

(I know it's all very unofficial and will probably stop working some day but then it would hopefully just be a quick find+replace.)
EAB1 = new line
EAB2/EAB3 = bold
EAB4/EAB5 = italic
EAB8/EABB = "copy-whatever's-in-this-to-the-Input-Field hyperlinks"
coloured text:
"EAC1 followed by two characters with the highest-order bit 1 and the lowest-order 12 bits representing the first/second halves of a 24-bit RGB color value to start the range, EAC2 to end. So to render a character in green, for example, you'd want EAC1 800F 8F00, then the character, then EAC2."
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