Galaxy Note 8 Aberration

As of a recent update, when using the flashcard program on my Note 8, there has been a small but extremely annoying problem. There is an onscreen marker when using the stylus, indicating the portion of the screen over which the stylus is hovering. In the past, when using my stylus with the flashcard program and "sketch mode" activated, this marker was the neutral circle icon, which is ideal: when using the flashcard program, the stylus is for writing out characters. Yet recently, anytime the stylus drifts over a word on the flashcard -- even when the "sketch box" mode is active -- it changes to the text-selection icon. This is very distracting during study, and it is impossible to select text when "sketch mode" is activated, so it is unnecessary as well. Can this be fixed?


Staff member
That didn’t come from us, at least not intentionally - have you installed any firmware updates on your Note 8 recently?

We haven’t done much with that part of Pleco recently but I suppose there could be some change in a recent Support Library update that you would have gotten through one of our app updates. A firmware change is more likely though.
Yes, the Android 8.0 update recently came out, so that makes sense. Does that mean there is no possibility of "fixing" it?