Getting books from Shucang


Having recently bought an iPod Touch, I've been playing around with the Document Reader over the last few days. So far this is the best method I've found to get whole books directly from Shucang - has anyone found a better way?

1. Go to through the Document Reader web browser. I haven't managed to copy whole texts at a time from Stanza, so I've been going directly to the website instead.
2. Create an account - all it needs is a username, email address and password.
3. There's a button on the website than you can click to tell it you're using a phone or mobile device. Don't click it!
4. Search for the book you want.
5. On each book's page there's a list of file formats - epub, chm, pdf, mobi, doc. Click on 'doc' and it'll open up the whole text on one page (If you have switched to the mobile version of the website it'll try and download it, which won't work.)
6. Select the whole thing, copy, paste, and save!

I can recommend 活着 or 兄弟 by 余华 as good, relatively easy-to-read texts to get started with.


I originally found Shucang through Stanza, but couldn't find a way to use it to export entire texts that could be read in the Document Reader.