Handwriting input disappears

Twice today I have been doing a Writing Hanzi test. Part way thru each test, the 2X2 grid for the Add-On Handwriting Input ’disappears’ and I have no way to draw the character. If I do a New Test and carry on with the same profile, it reverts to the 2X2 grid until it decides to have the grid disappear once again. I cannot think of anything I have done to trigger this behavior or why it would be a supported behavior capable of being triggered.

I attach two screenshots, any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks, David


Staff member
It seems like the handwriting add-on is somehow becoming deactivated and it’s falling back on the system one - very odd. When does this change happen? Is it right on one card and wrong on the next, or do you exit and reopen Pleco or something else noticeable like that?
Mike, I haven’t been able to see any pattern, but I’ll grab screenshots when it happens again. I don’t seem to be able to do ANY input when it leaves the handwriting add-on, not just the handwriting add-on. I just did another 20 characters and of course it knows I am watching so it is not doing the buggy behavior. Cheers, David 大卫
Mike, I was running thru the same routine with my teacher and it crashed AFTER card 43 of 481 cards so I could not complete Card 44 using handwriting, but I could using pinyin. It defaulted to PINYIN entry, not the default handwriting. And so we started up again and it ’crashed’ again precisely after the 43rd card. I have a ton of screenshots, but I’m thinking this might be enough to give you a hint? If you want the screenshots, probably easier to send them to your email? Thanks. Cheers, David 大卫