Handwriting Input for 啰

Hi vermiceli,

it works here:


I have the following Handwriting Input settings:


Perhaps it‘s under „Rare Simplified“; you could try switching these options on and off one by one to see which one makes the difference.

Hope this helps, Shun
Thanks for your reply. I have "Rare Simplified" already enabled and enabling "Very Rare (GB-13000)" doesn't get 啰 to show up.

What I get when I write the character 啰
luo written.png

Here are my settings

This is on Version 3.2.59 (Build April 3, 2018) on Android 7 (Nougat) Galaxy S6.
You're welcome! That's odd, perhaps it's a rare bug in the Android version. Let's see what Mike says, he will of course be best qualified to solve that.
I just wondered if my secondary Android phone did the same. It worked fine.

Screenshot_20180503-070232.jpg Screenshot_20180503-070713.jpg

(just for the record) I don't believe it's due to missing Add-ons, so let's wait on Mike's take.
Just tested in IOS. I was about to suggest that perhaps your stroke order is incorrect, but I just drew it as 夕,罒,口 (i.e. backwards) and Pleco picked it right up.

Can you enable the "very rare" setting on your phone to see if that makes a difference? Both Shun and I have it enabled and that's the only major difference in our settings from yours.

(On the other hand, 千, I have to draw correctly (left to right for the top stroke) or Pleco will not find it for me - I discovered that the hard way when I was first learning writing. It took me over 30 minutes to figure it out.. doh!)
Yes, thanks, perhaps it’s because he only has “Very rare”, which he tried, and I have “Extra rare”. Could be due to differences in Add-ons after all.
I tried enabling all the handwriting settings, including "Rare Traditional", "Very rare (GB-13000)", "Radicals", and "Cursive" and still haven't gotten 啰 to come up.

These are the add-ons that I have installed.

add ons.png


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啰 isn't part of GB or Big5 and so it's not covered by our basic free handwriting recognizer on Android - if you try the demo of our "Enhanced Handwriting Recognizer" in "Add-ons" (the same as the paid recognizer our iOS users are showing you) it should come right up in that.
You could try buying this add-on:


The free, included handwriting recognizer in Android is somewhat limited. May well be that this character is part of the extended range of characters that's only supported by the paid handwriting recognizer. (Mike was 20 seconds before me.)
Yeah, I think the included Android handwriting recognizer is there only because Android doesn't/once didn't provide one.
Yes, it's complicated. :) On iOS, the free Flashcards is more limited than on Android, I believe. (Pleco iOS doesn't include the handwriting Add-on.)