Help with flashcards and dictionary order

Hi everyone,

I'm using "Subject selection = Score based", showing characters for <1600 points, and definition for >=1600 points. I'm not getting the result I'd like to and don't know if it's even possible to achieve it:

First, I want the following dictionary order when looking up words outside the flashcards module: 1º GF, 2º OCC. (I'll just focus on these two). I configured it on Settings - Manage Dictionaries, and it works alright.

Second, when testing my not so well-known flashcards (<1600 points) by characters, I'd like to see GF definition first when revealing entire card, and OCC second. This works fine.

Third, and here comes the conflict, for the well-known cards (>=1600 points), I'd like to see OCC definition when being tested instead of GF. For doing this, on "Display" settings (Flashcards), I change "Remap cards to dicts" to "Yes", and on the "Dicts" list I place OCC first and GF second. It will work well, but now when testing characters (my second point), it will obviously show OCC instead of GF as default.


Is it possible to test for characters and definitions with a different default dictionary for each kind of subject selection?

Is there an option to swap dictionaries before revealing the card when testing for definitions?

Another issue arose when remapping dicts: even if my dictionary order on display settings is OCC-GF-TL-PLC, etc., now GF will always appear the last one on the cycle after revealing, when ideally it should be the first one (characters) or the second one (definitions), or at least the second one in both cases. Any way to fix this?

Thank you!!


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No on both points. Different dictionary per subject should be possible in 4.0, since now every part of a test can be mixed/overridden per card rather than just a few settings, dictionary switch before reveal I'm less sure about. TBH my best suggestion in the meantime would be that you do two different tests and separate cards by a filter.

Re the cycle after reveal, no way to fix that at the moment, no.
Thank you Mike. I definitely have to learn how to use filters properly.

I don't quite understand the cycle after reveal. When setting GF first, then OCC, and then the others on the dicts list on display settings it will show them in this order, but if I place OCC first then GF, it will show OCC and then all the others and GF will be the the last one to appear. Why is this happening?
I think what's happening is that the first definition that appears in flashcards is the remapped one on the right, Oxford, and then the rotation follows the order in Manage Dictionaries, TL, ABC... and GF the last one.
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Any way to have say dictionary order A then B for word look up and B then A for flashcards or the remap order? (I don't quite understand the function of the list and arrangement on Display settings)