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Discussion in 'Chinese Language' started by paraibologo, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. paraibologo

    paraibologo Member

    Hi. I'm on Android and cannot access the seal script font. I have tried every other tool at hand, bar a physical dictionary (none with s. script at hand). Could someone help me transliterate these two to modern script?

    Thank you!!

  2. Shun

    Shun 状元

  3. Wan

    Wan 榜眼

    The upper part of the character looks like the upper part of the seal character for cai 採 or bian 釆. If you take just the upper part, it would be zhao or zhua 爫. This doesn’t match 100%, but it could be a variant.

    The frame-like part could very well be a cover (mi) 冖. Compare seal charater for xia 舝 (舝)

    The lower, inner part is chuan 舛.

    Not exactly sure, but I’d guess it’s probably a variant of 舜 that is not listed on舜
    It also not listed here (舜), but there are similarities, particularly in the Han dynasty seals (images listed under 其他)

    Please correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe @Ash or @John Renfroe ? :)

    edit: I don’t know anything about seal script, by the way. I‘m just guessing.
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  4. Shun

    Shun 状元

    Thanks a lot! I guess you're right. 舜 would be the emperor Shun or a kind of grass.
  5. paraibologo

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    Guys, can't thank you enough! It was a small-time tea label, which name I couldn't read. Third character was 号 but I recognized it immediately, so I cropped it out. I googled lvshunhao and there it was. I also used to help confirm.

    Thank you again!
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  6. Shun

    Shun 状元

    You're very welcome! Glad it helped!
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