Hiding flashcard decks?


Hi all,

very sorry if a question similar to this has been posted before, I tried doing a basic scan of the newer posts but am incredibly new to the forum and definitely could have missed something.

My problem is as follows: I have the standard HSK flashcard decks downloaded, and I like to have those to self-study (Currently only HSK 1) However, I'm also doing a Chinese course through my University and we're doing vocabulary etc. in an order different to HSK (I'm in my second semester now and we are mixing HSK 1 through 4 vocab, I think this is a pre-HSK curriculum lol) so I have a separate deck for the class itself. Unfortunately when I want to add a card to my class deck, I always get notified that I already have the card in a deck (the HSK one), have to go to card info, and then add it to my class deck through there, which is kind of tedious...

Is there any way to "hide" the HSK deck or not make it relevant when trying to add vocab to decks so that I can simply do the normal process of clicking the plus button and then adding it to my class deck without having to take all the tedious steps I currently have to? Would appreciate any advice on this matter!


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Long-press the + button and select the class deck from the popup; that should add the existing card to that deck without any annoying popups. If it doesn't, go into Settings / Flashcards and make sure "Duplicate (non cat)" is set to "Add to category."