How to install NLPIR Chinese lexical analysis system?

Hi sobriaebritas,

it's easier than it looks: Just click on "Clone or download", then "Download ZIP", and unpack the ZIP file. Then you will have the different applications in separate folders.

  • For NLPIR-Parser.exe, you need to go into the bin-win64 directory and open it there. (You need to be using Windows.)
  • For lucene-analyzers-nlpir-ictclas-6.6.0.jar, you need to have a Java Runtime Enviroment installed for it to run. (See )
  • The SDK folder you probably won't need.

Hope this helps,

Hello Shun,
Thank you very much for your answer. It encouraged me to try once more to install it. I did not manage to do it, though. Maybe the last version is installed differently. Please, see attached snapshot. I will let you know later whether this time I strike the right path.
Thanks again, Shun. Have a nice one.


Hello sobriaebritas,

yeah, in any case, having seen the online demo, I think it's a cutting-edge tool which also relies on Machine Learning. I'm installing it myself now and will report back if I am successful.


Hi sobriaebritas,

so I think I've gotten it to run, but I don't know for how long. You simply unpack the ZIP file, then copy the one-month license key from NLPIR-master\License\license for a month\NLPIR-Parser平台授权 to the NLPIR-master\NLPIR-Parser\Data directory, then open the NLPR-Parser.exe file from the NLPIR-master\NLPIR-Parser\bin-win64 directory. Then I got this screen:

Opening screen.PNG

So you can process up to 500 documents with it.

Good luck trying to reproduce, and thanks for the recommendation.


I have been lucky enough to reproduce it. I was using that program on and off some years ago, and now I would like to buy a license. So I will be getting in contact with them for information about it.
Thank you, Shun.