HSK 3.0 vs HSK 2012-2021 Premade FlashCards



I am new to Pleco and am hoping you can assist.

I am studying for my HSK1 exam and installed the HSK3.0 premade flashcards. There are 497 cards in level 1 vs 150 cards from HSK 2012-2021 predmade card set.

I do not understand the large difference. Which one should I be studying?

Thank you.


Staff member
The difference is correct, yes - see the Wikipedia article on the HSK for example.

As far as which one to study, my understanding is that for beginners at the moment you're still better off working off of the older list. But the material is very similar and you're eventually going to want to learn all of the 500 words in the new one anyway, so if you're not tying this to a specific HSK test you're planning to take soon but simply want to work on HSK-relevant vocabulary in general then there's probably no harm in starting off with the 3.0 ones.