HSK Exam is coming soon. But I'm not confident in my knowledges. What can help to put things right?

I have already studied Chinese for 2,5 years. Every year I traditionally join the HSK Exam for improving my language's skills. So now I'm going to pass HSK 4 level. It will be held on 2th December. I have already been preparing for 3 weeks, but I'm still far from from perfect and make mistakes. I guees why I am not confident in my knowledges. It's confusing thing for me. Maybe someone knows what can help to put things right?
Any tips would be appreciated.


Hi 玉兰,

I recommend that you do a lot of mock exams under exam conditions. So you start a countdown stopwatch set to 90 minutes (or the length of the HSK exam) and try to solve the exam without any distractions or any help from books. This should increase your confidence over time, since it will make you feel like you already passed the exam multiple times. If you make too many mistakes, you could start with a HSK 3 mock exam, and then, once you've gained confidence there, review the HSK 4 vocabulary and work your way up yourself. I think it's always important that you apply your knowledge with other people, or in a test, and so on, since only then will you know that your knowledge isn't just unrelated bits and pieces, but is more or less complete.

The mock exam books I have are called 汉语水平考试 模拟试题集 from 北京语言大学出版社 / Beijing Language and Culture University Press. Each book has ten full exam sets.

Hope this helps,

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