I want Pleco in my Lumia!!!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Paolo, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Paolo

    Paolo Member

    Hi, I'm Paolo. Last year I had a sony's phone and donloaded Pleco. I love this app, is the best app for study chinese, and it help me a lot because I studied chinese at university. But now I have a nokia lumia (windows phone). If I knew that PLECO was not compatible not bought it, but now I have it . So I want Pleco, please, someone can explain me how can insert Pleco in my phone? I just try read the instructions, but isn't so clear for me. Please help me
  2. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Not possible, I'm afraid - sorry.
  3. Joshua

    Joshua Member

    Are there plans to implement this for windows phone? 8/8.1/10?
  4. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Not at the moment, no.

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