Integrated Chinese flashcards

Installation instructions

Run Palm Quick Install App
Drag the file to the window to install to external card


Use the FileZ app to check where the file is
Find file on external card as PALM/Launcher/IntegratedChinese1simp.txt

Menu/Flashcards/Manage Flashcards/Import
Settings: From Text File, Encoding UTF-8
File Path, PALM/Launcher/IntegratedChinese1simp.txt
Click Import
name comes up in the flashcard list as Imported Words
Does anyone know where can I get the latest version of Integrated Chinese flashcards Level 1, Part 1 third edition ?

Thanks for your help.

Need IC 2nd Edition Categorized by Chapter

I loaded these cards into Pleco v. 2 on my iPod Touch. Unfortunately, the cards have no categories.

Any idea where I can get Integrated Chinese Level 1 (both parts 1 and 2) flashcards that are categorized by chapter? Either Simplified or Traditional is fine.

Thanks in advance.

- nello