iPhone 5 vs 5s and Pleco

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dcarpent, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. dcarpent

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    Can anyone with the new iPhone 5s say whether the new CPU in the iPhone 5s, which Apple claims is twice as fast as the one in the iPhone 5, makes any noticeable difference in speed when using Pleco (e.g., faster response when doing searches, esp. with other apps running in the background)? Not that Pleco is slow on the iPhone 5, but does it seem noticeable more responsive with the new faster CPU, or is the difference not very noticeable?
  2. mikelove

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    The performance profile of the new version is totally different from the old - different database architecture, different threading, etc; roughly 95% of the stuff happening during a search now is stuff that didn't happen at all in the old version. So I'm afraid a 5S owner wouldn't be able to contribute much at the moment, since there aren't any of them among our beta testers for the new version.

    Once we get a 5S ourselves ("preparing for shipment" now according to Apple) I'll be happy to post our findings, though - my personal guess is that the difference will be modest for now but more dramatic next year once we get things rebuilt for 64-bit and start taking advantage of the newfound speed in OCR.

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