January 27th Dictionary Releases

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  1. mikelove

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    Out now in Add-ons.

    New Paid Releases:
    The FLTRP German titles are broken up because they were separate licenses - instead of the German equivalent of those French/Italian/Spanish titles, we licensed a slightly better (but about the same size) Chinese-German one and a much larger German-Chinese one.

    New Free Releases:

    • Cross-Straits Chinese Dictionary
    • Soothill-Hodous Buddhist Dictionary
    • Babelcarp dictionary of Chinese tea vocabulary

    Major Updates:

    • Hanyu Da Cidian - now includes data from the new "Supplement" volume.
    • Guifan - now based on the new 3rd edition.
    • Adso - finally regenerated all of the pinyin + fanti in the hopes of not getting quite so many complaints about them :)
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  2. Shun

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    It's Christmas again, but of course, with so many new titles being bought simultaneously, it brings the system down. ;) No biggie, since the demo versions can be downloaded.

    Edit: It works fine now.
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  3. mikelove

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    Not working for you? What error message did you get? Should be running fine.
  4. Wan

    Wan 榜眼

    Maybe the 50% off of Tuttle’s doesn’t work correctly, I’m not sure: It’s 20 USD whether I use a blank registration or my own, though I bought the previous one. Also, on the website (http://pleco.com/androidpricing.html) only one Tuttle is listed, at 15 USD.
  5. Shun

    Shun 状元

    Thanks Mike, now the purchase is very fast. I got the message "Could not connect to iTunes server".
  6. Shun

    Shun 状元

    @Wan: I could get the Tuttle Upgrade for 10 USD. Maybe you need to restore your purchases on your device first?
  7. Shun

    Shun 状元

    There does seem to be an issue with the updated "Mandarin Female TTS" and "Mandarin Male TTS", however. If I tap them, they will download but not install. In the end, they will again be offered as a download. No biggie!
  8. Wan

    Wan 榜眼

    Within Pleco on my phone, the Tuttle discount is shown, but not if I input my ID on pleco.com/store. Also, in Chromium / Archon, even after restoring / updating my ID in Pleco, the recent additions don’t show at all.
  9. Shun

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    Then I would buy on the iPhone and then restore it everywhere else. (when it becomes available)
  10. Thank you very much for italian dictionary!
    A not little problem : from italian to chinese all definitions are without pinyin, it's necessary to select the word or the group of characters and wait for the popup window for pinyin.

    So I tried to put : Setting > Manage Dictionaries > English > FLTRP Italiano-Chinese > Use in dictionary > UNCHECK
    because the option CHECK is more useful for chinese people that are searching for an italian word. Italians lose the direct access to stroke order and pinyin, in the inverse direction.

    If the option is CHECK, it's necessary a two step action for stroke order, for example: search for "tavolo" , choose one of two options 桌子, 台子 and search more using the magnifier.

    If the option is UNCHECK some simple term like "sedia" (chair) are'nt translated as 椅子, or tavolo (table, desk) are not translated as 桌子 but as 台.
    So it is not so easy choose from check and uncheck option.

    Sometime the accents are missed, for example, searching "penna" and reading 破 we read "2 不好 brutto, di pẹssima qualit" instead of "di pẹssima qualità".
    FYI the original app was in at 49 Yuan in http://pay.dict.cn/wys/yihhyi.php

    Anyway! Thank you for this dictionary: the number of words is high and this dictionary is useful.
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  11. Alexis

    Alexis 状元

    Thank you Mike! There goes my Chinese materials budget for the year ;)
  12. Taichi

    Taichi 榜眼

    So unlike HDC quotation sentenses of 现代汉语大词典 is mostly 白話?
    Does the sentenses shows up in SENT tab?
  13. sobriaebritas

    sobriaebritas 榜眼

    How disappointing!

    (BTW, not "Modern", but "Moderno": "Diccionario Moderno Español-Chino Chino-Español".)
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  14. mikelove

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    @Wan - looks like the website version of that was misbehaving; fixed now, sorry about that. Re Chromium/Archon, any chance you're using an outdated version of Pleco?

    @Shun - those TTS items weren't even updated, actually. Very odd... so they're still working even though the downloads didn't do anything?

    @Furio Petrossi - yeah, we're planning to go back and add Pinyin to them eventually since thankfully the licenses are nice and permissive like that. You don't need to use the magnifier, though, just use the expand arrow and it'll take you directly to the definition screen for the highlighted word.

    Very odd about the missing accents, they seem to be missing in the original data from the publisher too - have to run the whole thing through an Italian spellcheck I suppose :)

    @Taichi - more 白話 than HDC, yes. Doesn't show up in SENTS for technical reasons we're hoping to have fixed in our next app update.

    @sobriaebritas - sorry you feel that way. Is it because you would have preferred something more comprehensive? To be honest, our goal with these basic FLTRP dictionaries was more one of language accessibility than anything else - we were aiming to make Pleco usable to people whose English wasn't strong enough to use a Chinese-English dictionary - so we wanted something bidirectional that we could sell for $10. (particularly important with Spanish and Italian as there's not yet any free HanDeDict or CFDICT equivalent for those)

    (and thanks, autocorrect bungled up foreign dictionary names pretty badly)
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  15. HW60

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    Is there a reason to present the dictionaries in iPhone thread? I found the same in Android Add-ons.
  16. mikelove

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    No reason except they had to go in one place or the other (really ought to reorganize these forums) and dictionary add-on sales are far far bigger on iOS.
  17. goldyn chyld

    goldyn chyld 状元

    Dear Mike,

    thanks for all the goodies!

    However, I cannot but be a bit disappointed about the Cross-Strait dictionary. Considering it's denoting Tw vs. Mainland words, how come it does not display the【臺】&【陸】tags where applicable? This should have been a priority in this very type of dictionary. Instead, it shows star and triangle icons, which makes these tags rather useless.

    See the screenshot below (LAC is your version, while LA is a fellow forum user's version of this dict).

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  18. No more student discounts? :(
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  19. goldyn chyld

    goldyn chyld 状元

    Re: Cross-Strait Dictionary

    Moreover, in entries where Mainland pronunciation is different from the Tw one it would be better to indicate so, rather than just saying "or", because one might end up thinking both pronunciations are accepted in Tw.

    See for example the 危机 entry in your (LAC) version vs. LA:

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  20. Carl Nilsson

    Carl Nilsson 进士

    How come there are different example sentences in the two versions of Liang'an? Newer data available?
    I also agree with goldyn chyld about the absence of 【陆】、【台】 tags, they were really helpful – especially for pronunciation – and now it's difficult to know which pronunciation is used in the mainland and which in Taiwan. image.jpeg

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