Keyboard over the incoming call screen


I've had an occasional issue with receiving calls when my phone is sleeping. The call comes in as usual, but on top of the call answer screen, the keyboard is displayed - with no way I can find to dismiss it, leaving no way to answer the call.


After some trial and error, I realized that if the phone goes to sleep with Pleco up and the keyboard displayed, then the keyboard will be displayed over the incoming call screen. However, leaving the keyboard up and putting the phone to sleep in the other apps that I tried, the phone behaves normally, so it doesn't seem like a general Android bug.

Are there any ideas/workarounds besides making sure to leave Pleco after use?

Google Pixel 4a, Android 12


Staff member
At the moment, we don’t have a good fix for this that wouldn’t come with other severe complications, unfortunately. (We might add an option in the future to make that trade off in a future update, though - basically it would take more taps to bring up the keyboard in Pleco at other times)


OK – I'll try to remember to get out. Maybe a kludge-around would be to have some kind of optional inactivity timer that goes off (after a long time) and switches focus away. I think Android apps can run during sleep – maybe there's a permission for that. That would reduce the window at least. It's happened to me 2 or 3 times so not a huge problem. The last time it happened, I was actually trying to show my 89-year-old mom how to answer her phone, and found that I couldn't answer mine! Not confidence-inspiring for my student!:)