Learning new cards in order

Geo Chu


Lets say I upload a list, NPCR Book 2, and it is further separated by chapter.
In my flashcards, I limit the learning to 20 new cards/day.

I tick the NPCR Book 2 group, but the new words are taken randomly from each chapter.
How can I make it so it only takes new cards from the first chapter, and then move onto the second chapter when chapter 1 is done?

Can it do this automatically? or do I have to untick/retick the other categories manually?



Hi Maripopis,

sure, I'm sending them over to you as a private message to comply with copyrights. For other learners: I've found it to be a great learning opportunity to enter all new vocab into Pleco using Handwriting Recognition, which should only take an hour or so for the entire NPCR volume 2.

Hope this helps,