Load PDF into Pleco Ebook Reader?

Hi, I purchased the Chinese History ebook through Pleco and it is great. I have some Mandarin study PDFs that I would like to be able to read through the Pleco Ebook Reader as well but can't figure out where to put them so the Ebook Reader can access them. At the moment when I select the Ebook Reader only the Chinese History displays on the drop down list. Is it possible to put my study PDFs into Pleco Ebook Reader? I am using a Boox Max2.


Staff member
Have you purchased our "Document Reader" add-on? You need that to view e-books other than ours in our app, though it'll also only work if the PDF has embedded text in it (i.e. if you open it up in another PDF viewer app you can easily highlight / copy text - it's not just pictures of pages).

If you have purchased that already, is there an option to open a file when you tap on the "Reader" command in the sidebar menu?