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Hi everyone,

it's a well-known fact that watching Chinese-language movies and remembering words and phrases is a great way to further develop one's Chinese. I'd like to recommend "The Wedding Banquet" («喜宴», 1993). It's part of the "Pushing Hands", "Eat Drink Man Woman", and "The Wedding Banquet" trilogy by Ang Lee. Ang Lee worked with musician Jean Pierre Mader (who emulated the style of traditional Chinese music rather well) to portray a perfect world of intercultural harmony.

To describe the movie a bit, I'm attaching a short movie journal that I wrote. YouTube has various versions with different subtitles, or a university library may have it on DVD with all subtitles.

Happy New Year, Shun


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Not a movie, but 'Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy'. Just finished it. Lots of interesting expressions from the royal court to the tribes people. I love royal court roundabout speech. Inferred, subtle...