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After many years keeping my flashcards and documents synced between my iPhone and iPad with Dropbox, I finally have decided to get rid of Dropbox. But I'm having trouble figuring out the steps I need to accomplish moving Pleco out Dropbox. I have space on my google drive I can use. I've read the manual but I'm still not getting it. I wonder if someone would mind outlining what I need to do, step-by-step? - Shelly


Hi Shelly,

Pleco doesn't come with built-in Dropbox/Google Drive syncing support, so I am assuming that you would like to back up all of your Pleco data manually to Google Drive so you can access it from there on the other device. If you are on the device which contains your most current Pleco data, you can do the following:
  1. Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network
  2. Back up your flashcards database: Tap the hamburger icon at the top left, then under Flashcards, choose "Import / Export", "Backup Database". Then tap "Save".
  3. Put all your Pleco documents into a ZIP file: Tap the hamburger icon at the top left, then "File Manager". Repeat the last step to make sure you are in the root directory. Tap "Edit" on the top right, and then select all files and folders in the lis tby tapping on each of them. In the bottom toolbar, tap "Zip" and enter "Pleco Backup <<The current date>>". Tap OK and wait for the archiving to complete.
  4. When the archiving of the zip file has finished, tap the circled "i" button on the right side of the screen, next to the archive you have just created. Tap "Share / Open In...", and then choose "Save to Google Drive" or similar. Tap "Save".
  5. Wait for the uploading to Google Drive to complete.
  6. On your other device, open the Google Drive app, then navigate to where your ZIP file was saved. Tap the file or a three-dot menu next to it, then choose Share, and select Pleco.
  7. Open Pleco, the hamburger menu, the File Manager, and then open the "Inbox" directory. Tap on the large ZIP file. This would decompress all the files from your first device on your other device.
  8. You could restore the Flashcards database on the other device, but only if you didn't add any flashcards to the other device's database earlier, in which case they would be lost. Tap the hamburger icon, then "Import / Export", "Restore Database", the select the flashcard database file you saved in step 2.
Do check back if that isn't exactly what you were after.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks so much, Shun. This is super clear and detailed! I just wanted to check one thing before I get started. My current setup (that has been functioning for several years), with Dropbox, is that a change in flashcards on the iPhone is automatically reflected on the iPad, and vice versa. Which is kind of magical and delightful. Will this continue with the process you describe to switch over to Google Drive?


You're very welcome! I must admit I am not sure how this automatic syncing may have happened; perhaps iCloud is what did this, not Dropbox. To be certain of not sending you down the wrong road for your migration, I would prefer to pass the baton to @mikelove first. He will certainly answer after Christmas.

Happy holidays, Shun
After checking a bit more thoroughly (and less stupidly), discovered that I had not used Pleco with my dropbox account for years. It seems to be backing up Flashcards to my icloud drive, which is excellent. So sorry to trouble you, Shun, with a question that I hadn't thoroughly researched. All's well now - Shelly