multiple icons/ multi apps/ 4 apps EtoC, CtoE, Flashcard, Screen Reader

I had some trouble when trying to switch between entering some chinese that I read, and translating from English to Chinese... I lost what I had drawn in. (History is there, but still not fun)

I just realized that it would be useful to have English to Chinese, and Chinese to English be essentially separate apps.

Then I was exploring the Flashcard feature.. and that has so much opportunity for growth.. but again, I ran into the problem of needing to translate something in the middle of a flash card session.

The screen reader portion of the app already exists separately, and it allowed me to navigate the public transportation system in China.. catching subtleties that my guide didn't quite have, like the fact that the bus came only once every 180 minutes...

This would be a major improvement, and I'd pay extra to have a "split interface" module or such... Your stuff is awesome, and I come up with ideas for products that I love.