Multiple new lines in user defined flashcards

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Is there a way to introduce new lines in user generated definitions so that difference "meanings" can be numbered and start on new lines (i.e. formatted line the cards generated from dictionary entries)?
Hi sopsku,

yes, there are a few Unicode codes Pleco 3.2 currently uses for that. In the long run, they will be replaced by a more modern format, though.

------------- (Copied from a post by @alex_hk90) ---------------

Pleco dictionary formatting special codes (unofficial, subject to change) [private use Unicode]:
EAB1 = new line
EAB2/EAB3 = bold
EAB4/EAB5 = italic
EAB8/EABB = "copy-whatever's-in-this-to-the-Input-Field hyperlinks"
coloured text:
"EAC1 followed by two characters with the highest-order bit 1 and the lowest-order 12 bits representing the first/second halves of a 24-bit RGB color value to start the range, EAC2 to end. So to render a character in green, for example, you'd want EAC1 800F 8F00, then the character, then EAC2."
UTF-8: U+EAB1 = '\xee\xaa\xb1'


The newline can also be copied and pasted from here (without the "<>"): <>

If you edit a user dictionary entry from within Pleco, you can enter regular newlines, but if you were to export them, they would be converted to spaces. You need this special newline character especially if you import and export, or if you prepare a user dictionary from a Mac/PC and import it into Pleco afterwards.

Hope this helps,