New HSK Level 1-6 for Heisig's Remembering Simplified Hanzi


This flashcard deck will allow you to start learning HSK vocabulary in parallel with studying Heisig. Created these from the Lingomi lists.

  • HSK Vocabulary is sorted by chapter according to what character's have been introduced in that chapter
  • An "Extra Characters" list (116 characters) is provided to cover the characters that are in the HSK, but are not in Heisig. The Extra Vocabulary category uses these characters.
  • Single-character words are included. I did this because, while the heisig keyword is important for memorizing characters in the Heisig system, it does not always reflect the range of meanings attributed to that character.
  • HSK Vocab is NOT split by levels. If you're dedicated enough to slug through 3000 characters, a few extra thousand vocab words won't hurt :D
  • In the provided definitions, the numbers in brackets (ie. [123+567]) indicates the Heisig index for the characters in the vocabulary
  • No definitions are provided for the "Extra Characters", definitions will be drawn from your dictionaries

Import Settings:

  • Definition Source: Prefer File (assuming that you want to use the included definitions)
  • Text Encoding: UTF-8
  • Duplicate Cards: Allow

If you don't already have the complimentary Heisig deck, get it here:



Re: New HSK Level 1-6 for Heisig's Remembering Simplified Ha

Great stuff. Thanks for posting!