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    Flashcards cards for the vocabulary of the two books New Intermediate Chinese Dialogues (Shang and Xia) used in Taipei Language Institute: files NICDshang.txt and NICDxia.txt.
    There is one file per book. In each file, the flashcards are organized in categories by chapters.

    Also flashcards for the characters to learn at the end of each chapter of the two books: files NICDshangCharacters.txt and NICDxiaCharacters.txt. The characters are organized in categories by chapters.

    You can also find a file explaining how to import the flashcards files (How to import flashcards.txt)

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    I have no problem. You can import this data into a shared list on Skritter. I made the lists for my own study. I am very happy to hear it is useful for other people.
  4. I´m looking for the equivalent for the first two books, New Practical Chinese.
    If you can refer me how to obtain it I will thank you.

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