November 2017 Ebook Launch

Can I be annoying and ask for a front cover as page zero?

Edit: (perhaps this is more e-mail appropriate, but...) Can we know how to write our own ‘Pleco e-book files’ for use with Pleco?

Edit 2:

Any chance of full-screen or a disappearing scrubber (is that the right word)? It’s covering the text there at the bottom.
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I just ordered the android based eink reader JD Read Venus. It supports Android 4.4. Is this enough to be able to use it with these pleco ebooks?
In theory, yes, but I can’t make any promises on that - e-ink has never been an official Android feature so compatibility with these things is always a bit iffy.

@ACardiganAndAFrown - cover coming probably next week, already supported on Android (and the image is in the book download).

We’re not planning to make this format public, but we will be internally converting EPUBs to it in a future update, so you should be able to get this same speed / smoothness in those.

Overlap is a bug - thanks! Hidable controls coming probably in 4.0 or 4.1.


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Initially just formatted text, links, (probably) images, and TOCs - EPUB 3 versions of those too, but audio / video probably not until a later release (we don’t support them now).
Yep; worst case this will be fixed in 4.0 (or more specifically in the 'version 2' of the New Manual we plan to release next year, also with support for dictionary search integration) - the basic problem is that our own text rendering system doesn't yet support tables; this is also why a lot of Outlier content comes up in popup boxes. For any content that *isn't* a table - and many things that are tagged as 'Table' are not actually tables on the back end - we pop it up in a regular Pleco text field with tap-lookup support, but with those tables we don't. If we can find the time we could implement a version of the same thing we use to tap-lookup words on web pages on that screen, but not sure if we'll manage that.
Thats good to know. Speaking of Version 2 of the New Manual, is there a protocol to report textual problems such as misprints and typos? Should it go here or directly to the author?



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If you know / are in contact with Endymion you can send it to him directly, otherwise send it to us and we’ll collect + forward them.
I’m interested in Chinese History: A New Manual, but I’m not much of a fan of ebooks being locked to a single app. I assume you can’t get the Pleco ebooks out of Pleco for more reading flexibility and backups?
What about Sinolingua’s Rainbow Bridge series? Perhaps a bit “light” for some of the power users on this forum, but it has a much broader range for the beginner.

Edit: link to series

Edit 2: this series is nice because it covers a wide range of cultural touchstones, myths, legends and stories that kids would grow up familiar with in China, but that non-Chinese wouldn’t come across in regular reading materials.
Another splendid manual that would be perfect for large format use on Pleco as an ebook is the Aperçus de civilisation chinoise : Les dossiers du Grand Ricci, ISBN 2204082686, best current (paper) copies are at Amazon France: HERE the other ones are over 150 USD.
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Go to Addons, available, graded readers and select anyone you are interested in for a description and preview.
Thanks! it was as easy as that. I don't know why I didn't try that yesterday and I just checked the store.pleco website where I couldn't find this information