option to disable/hide flashcards

I know flashcards are all the rage for studying Chinese, but I really never use them, and I keep hitting by mistake the + sign at the top of the definition screen. I think I disabled everything that can be diabled about flashcards, but i wonder if it would be possible to add an option to at least hide the flashcards + button at the top and the flashcards entries in the side menu.

I'm using Pleco 3.2.57. If what I'm asking is already possible and I haven't figured it out, I would be glad if anyone could enlighten me.
hahaha, ok, I thought not many people would want an option to disable flashcards, jist didn't imagine I was the only one...

I don't know how you've planned the future development of Pleco, but I think a modular design with just the dictionary engine as the core app, and flashcards, screen reader, ocr etc. as separate modules that could be downloaded independently would be more flexible. A bit like the add-ons and extensions of most browsers. That would allow users to tailor Pleco to their needs and also prevent the app to become slower or bloated as more features are added.


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Not really a viable option on iOS, sadly - inter-app data sharing is doable but unreliable - and we’d rather not introduce this big a cross-platform difference if we don’t have to.

But none of our add-on features contribute much to slowness or file size, we test pretty carefully to make sure they won’t - the vast majority of our app’s size is from dictionary databases and fonts rather than code and cutting features wouldn’t help much on that. The most expensive add-on in terms of code space is actually TTS but that would kind of have to be built into the dictionary part of Pleco even if it was a standalone app.