Phone update - Flashcards dissappeared

I updated my phone yesterday and noticed that quite a lot of things changed, and some stuff was deleted. The next time I tried to to study some flashcards, I noticed that they were missing from the app.
As I said earlier, it seems to me, that some data was deleted in the phone update, but I am hoping that I might be able to restore the flashcards, if they only got moved somewhere.
I have already checked my phones storage and found a pleco directory, which contains a 'Pleco Flashcard database' file. However this file is only 45 KB, therefore I am not sure, if this is the file that I am searching for.

The phone is a Oneplus 6 and I had approximately 1000 flashcards saved.


Staff member
Unfortunately, that 45kb file is probably just the new empty file it created when it couldn't find the existing one.

Was your phone set to back up anywhere? Or did you follow any of the automatic prompts in Pleco reminding you to back up your flashcard database once a week?