Pleco Android on desktop--whoa!

The dream has come true, at least for the Samsung Galaxy S III and Note 2:

It's working really great with my 7.7, S 3, and Note 2 via WiFi, 3G data plan, or a USB cable, totally controlling every aspect of my phone flawlessly from my laptop. Pleco runs just like normal. You can even turn your screen on and off from the computer. And Mobizen's S3 skin looks more like my S3 than my S3.

By the way, BlueStacks worked fine for me on some computers. But when it started plastering ads on my desktop: bye-bye. I'd pay for a high quality, reliable BlueStacks just so that I'd have the option of unhooking my phone to use my apps. Mobizen's current drawback is that, in a sort of over-emulation, you have to leave the phone's screen on to use it via Mobizen.


Thanks for that lightening fast response!

I have LG P880 and Windows XP
(I think my wife has W7)

I don't have time to look into it now but it is on my to do list.

I am sure I will have more questions as I am not that familiar with latest technology.

But thanks so much for the info.

Holy eff. Secretly I am still waiting for a surprise announcement of Pleco Desktop, but this is amazing. Just got my Samsung Galaxy and this is incredibly exhilarating. Thanks.


I just got Mobizen working on my Samsung Galaxy Player 5 and it works quite well. I also installed an app called ClipSync that allows cut/paste between Windows and Android and now it does everything I need to run as a desktop app.


Just FYI, there is an Android desktop emulator out there call called Bluestacks ( that works on Windows and Mac. I'm currently using that for running Pleco on my iMac, and while it isn't perfect, it's pretty useful. Might be worth checking out if you don't have an Android device, or are running a Mac.