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  1. alanmd

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    As a test to see how they would look, I converted two English dictionaries to Pleco format. The source dictionaries are Webster's Unabridged (1913) and WordNet 3.0 (2006). You can download the PQB files here:

    I have also shared the raw dictionary text files (simple tab separated flashcard file format) at if you are interested in playing with them further, and don't mind waiting several hours for Pleco to import the text files.

    Let me know by email or in this thread if you see any mistakes in the converted dictionaries, or have any suggestions as to how I can improve the conversion process.
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  2. marco guillen

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    How can i convert tab delimited txt dictionary to pqb? Thanks
  3. alanmd

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    Import it into Pleco (takes a long time for a big dictionary), and then export it.

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