Pleco Flashcard iOS


Hi everybody. I do really love Pleco, but i got some problems with my flashcards. I use an iPhone, iPad and a Windows Laptop and bought the basic bundle. I know its not possible to link Pleco and Anki on iOS, but is it working on Windows with Ankidroid? I use the Bluestacks App Player to use Pleco on my Laptop, but I cant create a link to Anki. Look at the picture

Do you have any idea of how i could create a flashcard in Pleco that shows up in Anki? I dont care if i have to use my laptop or phone for this.


Staff member
I mean you can always just export a bunch of Pleco flashcards to a text file and then import that into Anki, that should work on any platform. If Pleco isn't able to see Anki installed on a Windows emulator it's probably because that specific aspect of Android - inter-app communication through custom intents - isn't supported on that emulator, and unfortunately there isn't a whole lot we can do about that on our end.