Pleco Wallpaper

So I got an iPod Touch primarily to run Pleco. I know it's not a dedicated hardware/software combo but a nicely done Pleco fish wallpaper would really make the whole device look really classy (damn I wish I could get rid of the stupid "slide to unlock" feature). Anyone over there want to put out an official wallpaper for us users?


Staff member
Could do that, sure - would something like the startup screen be better, or something more like the title bar from (dark blue background / lots of little radicals)?
Hmm. I was thinking of the start up screen but the title screen sounds interesting I just don't know what it looks like! Maybe because I've changed to night mode? In any case, whatever you guys come up with I'm sure I'll be impressed. This is easily one of the best applications I've ever used with amazing support. I'm showing it to everyone I know and many are eager to buy too!
Got it. Yes, the title screen does look nice. Though I would drop the "software" from "Pleco Software" to look more like an integrated device versus a separate software add-on.