Problem changing storage location to SD Card

Hi there,

Due to space issues after buying one of the bundles, I tried to move everything to my SD card in the miscellaneous section of settings. I changed the file location to "/mnt/sdcard" and followed the instructions here: After restarting the app it said I needed to redownload all the add-ons and didn't recognize them on the SD card. I even tried the Custom option, which points to the same place and still no go.

Any idea why it wouldn't be recognizing checking the external storage?



Staff member
Confusingly, /mnt/sdcard actually usually isn't the SD card but rather internal storage - external storage is usually something else.

What you'd want to do is find the path to external storage using a file manager app, put the Pleco data file folder in there, and then enter the path of that folder as a custom path in Settings / Miscellaneous.