Problem importing XML file


Hi everyone

I have spent days editing my flashcards on the computer in XML format, but when I tried to import them back into PLECO the import is failing after just a few entries. I can't see anything wrong with the structure of the XML file (which I edited using NotePad++)

Wonder if anyone has a tool to quickly check what is wrong, of if anyone has experience of how to identify errors on importing an XML file?



Staff member
Very sorry for the hassle.

Looks like the XML structure is wrong; the first error I see - and probably the source of it failing after a few entries - is that before 孩子 you have two <card language="chinese"> tags. But there might be others as well.

Just in general it's probably better to edit XML files in a dedicated XML editor app (one which will show you the structure of the file in a list/tree view) rather than a text editor, since they'll help you avoid problems like this. Not sure whether you're on Mac or Windows but if you do an internet search for 'free XML editor' you should see lots of options.